About JT Castings

Company Overview

We are a Zinc and Aluminium die caster based in the West Midlands Now in our eighth year, we pride ourselves on being a company that you never think about because we do exactly what you expect of us.

JT Castings don't have layers and layers of management or fancy job titles and we do give out our personal numbers.

Our goal is to be a diecaster that delivers on time (our number 1 goal) and at low cost (we maintain low overheads) to all our customers. (No Automotive) We have a motivated team (No job titles) that enjoys coming to work (most of the time).

JT Castings started trading eight years ago with a workforce of three and with just one customer. Today we have grown to employ 27 people and our growing list of customers is strong. With business continuing steadily JT castings are adding new customers on a regular basis.

Using efficient operations with lower overheads allows us to produce die castings at a lower cost. This approach to being competitive is key to our successful growth. We now offer zinc castings of up to five kilos and aluminium castings of up to 14 kilos at our 20,000 sq ft factory on the Alveley Industrial Estate.


The premises are owned and all machinery is paid for. There are no office staff and the management are usually to be found on the shop floor, where the real work is done.

Due to this, we have been able to offer our customers substantial cost savings. We also work closely with a number of clients on research and development to gain further savings.

Last year the research and development budget was 10 per cent of sales, a figure that will be repeated this year.

Frank Young - Manager


The impressive performance of JT Castings came to the attention of the national media and saw the company featuring on the BBC’s early evening news. It showed how we have been rebuilt from the ground up since the dark days of 2009, in the depths of the recession, to a lean and efficient new business utilising a range of procedures that enable JT Castings to pass on cost savings to its customers. Those savings are combined with a speed of operation that is adding to the company’s growing reputation.

JT Castings were recently been approached by a customer about a project for six separate castings for a mounting for a TV monitor - but the project had to be in production in just eight weeks. “Because we have our own toolroom this was achieved within the time frame and the parts are now being made weekly with another new project in the pipeline,” said Mr Young.

We also have an extensive secondary operations shop with CNC machines, alongside a full range of recently assembled products in a ‘clean’ dust and particle free environment. Our adaptable team set up this area to create another cost saving for our customers.

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