Unrivalled Service

We aim to be the first choice provider of the highest quality zinc and aluminium diecastings at the best possible value. Our experienced workforce offer flexibility and a personal customer service which is unsurpassed, and JT Castings will provide our customers with the power to purchase British diecastings at overseas prices.

Flexible & Fast

We always keep spare capacity so we can react quickly to a customers needs. If you need a rush order, or have a stock out, we can help.

Choice Of Materials

We can supply varying weights of Zinc and Aluminium castings. A range of different finishes and options are available.

Diverse Machinery

We have a wide range of machinery to ensure we can get the job done. Aluminium 320 to 800 tonne and Zinc 100 to 300 tonne, CNC machines and a whole host of other machinery.

Small Batch Productions

Our non-automotive policy means we don't have machines tied up for months. We specialise in multiple tool changes for small production runs.

Local UK Company

From Conception to Completion we are a British company and we deal with a number of excellent sub-contractors who are just on our doorstep.

Interactive PCAP Touch screen Tables

We are excited to announce that as part of our continued success we have purchased a company manufacturing Interactive PCAP Touch screen Tables branded as " Tiny Tablet "

A new facility has been built at our Alveley address and we are now in full production. More details to follow ..

“The premises are owned and all machinery is paid for. There are no office staff and the management are usually to be found on the shop floor, where the real work is done. Due to this, we have been able to offer our customers substantial cost savings. We also work closely with a number of clients on research and development to gain further savings."

Frank Young - Managing Director

Last year the research and development budget was 10 per cent of sales, a figure that will be repeated this year.

Frank Young - Managing Director